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Safe and efficient dock loading solutions

With our range of trademark TRU-DOCK ™️ dock loading solutions, Metalbilt provide for all your dock loading needs. These products are expertly designed to improve efficiencies, boost productivity, and enhance safety on your loading docks.

Whether you are building your docks from scratch or replacing an existing dock our team have the knowledge and expertise you’re looking for.

Check out our products below, or feel free to send us an enquiry.

Recommended Products

TRU-DOCK™️ Automated Loading Pod

TRU-DOCK™️ Automated Loading Pods

Leading-edge solutions to increase productivity and safety performance, TRU-DOCK™ Automated Loading Pods are designed for unparalleled ease-of-access, high turn-around and complete environmental control for all container types.

TRU-LEVEL™️ Hydraulic Dock Leveller

The Hydraulic Dock Leveller is built to handle a broad spectrum of truck designs, this robust and easy-to-operate system enhances loading speed, increases productivity, and safeguards your workforce.

loading dock equipment, dock frame

TRU-LEVEL™️ Edge of Dock Leveller

The Edge of Dock Leveller is designed to operate in situations where an existing loading bay has no system.


TRU-LEVEL™️ Dock Frame

Dock Frames are the perfect solution for upgrading existing dock areas, providing ultra-strong and durable support for dock levellers.

inflatable dock seal
TS300 Dock Shelter

TRU-SEAL™️ TS101 Inflatable Dock Seal

One of the most effective and reliable dock seal systems available, providing an inflatable air bag system that fits around a wide range of truck sizes. 

TRU-SEAL™️ TS300 Inflatable Dock Seal

Ideal for loading environments where space is tight, providing a slimline protective seal against weather and pests while reducing energy loss from temperature controlled environments.

TS200 Dock Shelter
Steel dock bumper, Laminated dock bumper, rubber dock bumper

TRU-SEAL™️ TS200 Dock Shelter

A heavy-duty PVC cover for simple dock environmental control. Designed to receive a large range of truck sizes.

TRU-DOCK™️ Dock Bumpers

Our dock bumpers complement the full TRU-DOCK™️ range and can be retro-fitted to existing dock areas.

TRU-DOCK™️ Accessories

Check out our range of dock accessories to complement your new or existing loading dock area, providing improved safety and enhanced efficiency.

TRU-DOCK™️ Reversing Sensor


TRU-DOCK™️ Trailer Restraint


TRU-DOCK™️ Wheel Chock

About Dock Loading Systems

Why are dock loading systems important?

Dock loading systems help to enhance operational efficiency by helping with faster loading and unloading of trucks and/or containers. Improving the safety of your workers, reducing energy consumption and protecting the goods from weather conditions and damage.

How do I choose the right loading dock equipment for my premises?

A wide range of factors will influence this decision such as the type of goods handled, space, frequency and budget. If you are unsure, have a chat with our knowledgeable team today.

What is an ALP?

An ALP or Automated Loading Pod is a fully automated system for high volume container loading. For more information, check out TRU-DOCK™ Automated Loading Pods.

What types of dock equipment can be retrofitted?

Many types of dock loading equipment can be retrofitted to an existing loading dock such as dock levellers, dock seals, bumpers, dock frames, shelters and many other accessories and safety features.

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TRU-DOCK™️ Dock Loading Systems

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